Physical copies of FFVII Remake are being received early by delighted fans!

Dozens of fans around UK and Europe have received their physical copy of the game over a week early! Here’s what some of the fans in the UK had to say as they expressed their excitement:

After hearing about it being released earlier, I was waiting for it to come and when dpd turned up, I originally thought it would be my headphones, portable charger and phone case for my new phone when a big box turned up I knew straight what it was 🙂.

When opening the box I saw the big sign saying final fantasy vii remake and play arts symbols, a game I’ve waiting for 15 years to play and will reward myself tonight playing it, I won’t spoil it for anyone

-Alex Dowler on Facebook

I’m glad I waited for my physical copy even when it looked like we would not get it on or near release date so a very welcomed surprise, more so as I wasn’t and still haven’t been informed it was being shipped out.

-Diana Searle on Facebook

“So…This just came and the hype I feel is ridiculous!”

I pre-ordered my copy of FFVII remake from Shopto and I got my copy 9 days early!! I also got an awesome acrylic statue for free as well 😀 Im so incredibly excited to play this

I think I mentioned before that I have never played FFVII before and I dont even know the story, so the entire experience is going to be a complete surprise for me. Hence the reason I wont be posting any images or spoilers for the game up here

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